Here is what I think Ireland should do :
1- become the #1 “green country” in Europe (especially organic food, eco-friendly lands -no pesticides allowed in Ireland for ex.). Green is Ireland\’s colour and it should be expoited to its maximum, Like “Cannes” has a branded name now, Ireland should have “green” as a branded colour ! This should start immediately and through lobbying in Brussels maybe…
2 – make a Cadastre (like in any other civilised country in Europe). All lands on the island should be numbered with the name and address of the owner filed and accessible by public in any county council. This would only take 6 months to do if the government hired a specialised company for that. Irish people should pay taxes on land rather than on their house ! The tax system should be entirely review.
3 – Get more young people interested into politics and organisation of their island. Get rid of the dinausors !
4 – The education system should have no religion into their cursus. This should be entirely secular.

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