Bad times bring profits too

In June 1940, the German army with no numerical advantage knocked out the entire French military and their British allies. France, which had been regarded as a major military power for three centuries, rolled over and capitulated in less than six weeks.

‘Zero ideology’ the American way

The “zero tolerance” king has been playing a blinder. Even Democrats in New York would tick Rudi Giuliani’s name on the ballot if he were to run for a third time. However, he is debarred constitutionally. But his creed of “zero tolerance” has yet again become the calling card of the USA. This column discussed long before September 11 the US attitude of “zero tolerance” of economic pain. Now this attitude is more evident than ever.

Corrupt ruling elites have been disastrous for Arab economies

An extraordinary aspect of old Jerusalem is the number of different religions and sects vying for position within the walled city. Muslims, Jews, Catholics, Anglicans, Greek Orthodox, Copts, Armenian Orthodox are all there, claiming the divine city as their own.

Islam closely tied to slavery both yesterday and today

In 1859 Samuel Wilberforce, whose father led the successful campaign for the abolition of slavery in Britain, revealed his own odd personal philosophy when he told an audience in Cambridge that “England can never be clear of the guilt of her long continued slave trade till Africa is free, civilised and Christian.”

Investors own the Third World

In 1977, the American comedienne Bette Midler demanded that she be paid $600,000 for a European tour in South African gold krugerrands. Back then, gold was presumed to be the only hedge against both inflation and a falling dollar.