Welcome to the Irish economic fantasy world of Bostlin

A lucky group of former public sector workers (many of whom fortuitously took up guaranteed positions in the Post & Telegraphs back in the 1970s and 1980s rather than, for example, Irish Lights or Bord na Mona) this week appear to be intent on dictating to shareholders (who own the company) at what price Eircom should be sold.

Did the earth move for you?

The earth’s rigid outer shell, the lithosphere, is broken up into an extraordinary mosaic of oceanic and continental plates

Celebrity sells as voters yawn

On his lecture tours, what do you think Bill Clinton talks about in countries that do not have ethnic divisions? In Northern Ireland, Bosnia and the Basque region, issues of identity, nationality and borders make a statesman’s job pretty easy.

Snared in a liquidity trap recession

Compaq Presario 251: 750Mhz Duron Processor, 64Mb RAM, 8Mb Nvidia Vanta Graphics card, 20Gb Hard Drive — €999.99

Like the one advertised above, the computer you have in your office or at home has more capacity than most of us will ever need in a lifetime.