Davids lectures opened up the world of economics in a way that no one ever did before! His real life examples bring to life the history of economics which seemed so irrelevant to me and made me realise in fact how very relevant all the details of the past are. David changed my way of thinking – he changed my attitude and i found a new respect for economics which I never had before.

Joyce Power

David’s lectures are interesting and entertaining but must importantly make economics real and tangible. He takes a serious theoretically knowledge and translates it into an understandable language and makes it relevant to real life. After the course I have a real interest in economics and the broad knowledge to build on in the future.

Laurence Feeney

Economics Without Boundaries

I want people to have the opportunity to learn economics at their own pace, in their own time and in a way that makes it relevant. Economics is only the business of people’s everyday lives and Economics Without Boundaries makes economics accessible, digestible and understandable.

I’ve always believed that when it comes to economics what is complicated is rarely important and what is important is rarely complicated. In this new venture, we are going to demystify economics, and crucially, we are going to do this together.

As well as the TEN module course pack we have individual modules available covering economic history, currencies and central banks among other topics.

There is also a membership option which is separate to the course where members get various benefits emailed to them daily and weekly.

Through the classes I discovered a real passion for economic history and theory and learned how economics applied to real-world events around me past and present.  More than any other it is this wonderful ability he has to deconstruct the theory and apply to past or current events for the students to understand that stands out.  Every class contained a rich source of learning about politics, history and finance through economics.  The professor was very generous with his time and classes were always informed and entertaining.

David Price

David was a very engaging lecturer who stimulated huge engagement amongst the class with what is a complex and wide ranging subject. I found that his unyielding enthusiasm for the material combined with his teaching style created a strong appetite to learn and explore the subject of economics in great depth. His well thought out and comprehensive reading list served only to whet the appetite even further.

Mark Munnelly

Trinity College Dublin

David is an Adjunct Assistant Professor at Trinity College Dublin, ranked 1st in Ireland and in the top 1% of all universities. Here he teaches an MBA in Business. His aim is to equip his students with real world examples they can use outside of the classroom. It is essential for managers of all organisations to possess an understanding of the global economic factors which have a bearing on international businesses from all sectors and industries.

As Ireland’s university on the world stage, Trinity is recognised for academic excellence and a transformative student experience. The historic campus is located in the heart of Dublin city centre at the meeting place of the retail and cultural districts.

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I have really enjoyed the Economics module. It has really been an eye-opener experience for me, especially coming from a technical background (IT engineering). I strongly believe that an Economics module like this should be included in all third level education studies.

Daniel Moix

Having David McWilliams teach in a way that actually makes it interesting and relatable was refreshing and I thoroughly enjoyed the module. It has totally changed the way I think about economics.

Lauren Mulligan

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