An over all change in mind set is now required here in Ireland as we have got to a stage where we not only have stopped growing but have now began to economical y move backwards.
An overhaul of our total tax system is required from how we set it to how we collect and spend it.
An overhaul of our Government is needed as it has become too big for our actual size we need less government as this is where so much of our taxes goes on running for example our Health Department and it’s out sourcing to the HSE yet we still have over 500 working for the department of Health doing nothing. Our Department of Employment with it’s out sourcing to the Monster that is FAS. Along with the slashing of all Government and TD’s salaries and expenses while non payment of regular committee work under taken as part of there duties. Semi state bodies CEO’s to be paid just four times the average industries salary with pensions only been given when their service is run profitable
Give a tax break to Every new business set up be they Irish owned or non nationals along with rent free units from the stock of unrented commercial units unoccupied for the last two years,while each employee they take on over the first two years also gets a tax break.
Greater use of our natural resources from agriculture to sustainable energy products.No slow down with our present spend on infrastructure but each projects consultancy costs to be capped and fines issued for over spend or delay and all costs and tenders free from political favor.
Decriminalize soft drugs take a leaf out of Hollands book instead of wasting money and man power on the prevention of the drug trade let the industry open up then we can of course tax the industry.
Warren Buffett has stated America’s economy has fallen off a cliff, so why can’t we offer incentives for Irish Americans to return home, if it means allowing them to purchase a new house at just 25% above costs price on the guarantee they cannot dispose of the property for five years and if they are going to open a business then let them have the House at 10% above cost where the difference is invested into their new enterprises.
I have said it before here so I’ll say it again It’s time for another Revolution on this Emerald isle for if we allow this third generation of the men who gave us our constitution ruin what actual resources we have then , we will deserve our own destiny.

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