16 June 2010 – 3 July 2010
(Previews from 9 June — 15 June)

March 2010 — The Abbey Theatre is delighted to present the world premiere of OUTSIDERS by leading economist and commentator David McWilliams on the Peacock stage, opening on Wednesday 16 June (previews from 9 June). David McWilliams takes to the stage in an event which is part stand up, part discussion, part social observation and is directed by award-winning director Conall Morrison.

OUTSIDERS is a characteristically vivid, humorous and uncompromising account of what is going on in Ireland. In a unique theatre piece, McWilliams offers a narrative of the recent collusion between the insiders of the Irish political system and the financial sector.

McWilliams believes Ireland’s political and social divide is not so much about rich and poor, young and old, urban and rural, but about Insiders and Outsiders. The Insiders — found in every village, town and city — are those with a stake in our country who believe that today’s status quo must be preserved at all costs. The Outsiders — who might live next door — are those who realise that the status quo is part of the problem.

In Ireland every time there is a crisis, the Insiders get stronger, not weaker. Far from losing power and paying for the chaos they caused, they tighten their grip on the country. In contrast, the Outsiders are excluded and left to fend for themselves. That is what happened in the 1950s and the 1980s and it is happening again now. But there is an alternative. OUTSIDERS is about the alternative.

While the others cheered the boom, only one economist accurately predicted the collapse and mess we find ourselves in. He told you the truth then; he’s telling you the truth now.

Tickets: €14 – €22; 8pm, Saturday matinee 2.30pm

Booking and information on www.abbeytheatre.ie and (01) 87 87 222.

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