Trailer for part 1 of the three part series, Addicted To Money

Who Killed the Economy?

In Episode 1 `Who Killed the Economy?’ we go on a forensic investigation to work out the root cause of the Global Financial Crisis. Using the analogy of ‘easy credit’ as a form of drug that we all became addicted to, David guides us through a tangled web of this economic underworld – the seduction we all went through, our increasing need for more and more credit, shady back door banking deals, blatant corruption, greed and blind witnesses. We climb the various levels of the economic drug pyramid from the streets where the quality of the drug was diluted by the many dealers taking their cut, back up to the top where the drug was at its purest. We explore the workings of the cartel – who was making it, who was pushing it, who was using it, who was turning a blind eye and who was making a massive profit.

Further information on the RTE website.

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