Receipt of social welfare, in all but exceptional circumstances i.e. sick,old age etc. should involve some “work in kind”.
A National effort should be put in place where work is returned for receipt of payments.
All unemployed, or at least most of the unemployed would prefer to be at work, to meet their friends, pass the day productively and see some output at the end of the day for their efforts; but their is no structure in place to do anything if one looses their existing job.
A huge change in attitude to welfare payments would be required by all concerned;some would feel it as an extra burden, others may see it as a welcome gift if they can be seen to be contributing productively.
This would have to work on a National/Local level where all available skills and trades are harnessed in an orderly cooperative and productive manner; where necessary work is identified and sorted in order of importance and value.
I dare say the skeptics will say it cant be afforded or it wont work- “I say don’t try and you can be assured it will fail”.
Money should not be an obstacle because all work would be vetted as productive and anyway it wont break the bank,even the banks couldn’t promise that.
Many benefits would accrue from this initiative:
All at work.
An immediate improvement to services.
A great increase in overall output.
A great spirit of endeavour is sure to surface along with a keen awareness of an overall drive towards a combined goal to uplift ourselves.
A levelling of society (due to more equality).
Normal pay (in a more equal fashion) could resume quickly.

I wont try to list any works that should be carried out as this would be part of the overall package for each enterprising panel, suffice to say, all strands of society have come under the cloud of unemployment,every occupation in every townland, but that may well prove to be our saving grace as the combined spirit is tapped.

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