Addicted To Money

David McWilliams surveys the wreckage of the global economy and points to the worrying, but potentially transformative challenges ahead.

David travels the world, from Europe to America to China, Australia to Latin America surveying the wreckage that has been caused by the great meltdown. He discovers that this was a crisis that was avoidable, yet ironically necessary if we are to deal with the real crisis that lies just over the horizon: creating an economy that can sustain our society for the long term.



RTE1 (Ireland)
Part 1: WHO KILLED THE ECONOMY?, RTE1 Tues 6th Oct
Part 2: NOWHERE TO HIDE, RTE1 Tues 13th Oct
Part 3: PEAK EVERYTHING, RTE1 Tues 20th Oct

ABC1 (Australia)
Part 1: WHO KILLED THE ECONOMY?, ABC1 Thurs 5th Nov
Part 2: NOWHERE TO HIDE, ABC1 Thurs 12th Nov
Part 3: PEAK EVERYTHING, ABC1 Thurs 19th Oct



Addicted To Money is produced by Australian production company Electric Pictures, in association with ABC Australia, RTÉ and S4C UK.