the government is strongly considering 2000 euro off a new car if you trade in an old 10 year plus car, the main reason this is being promoted is because it has helped germanys economy on the road to recovery, the main reason this has helped the recovery is because germany produces cars and its like buying of yourself which means the bucket is being stirred but nothing is getting out of the bucket.
ireland want to use this but they will be buying of germany (volkswagon, bmw, merc, etc..), france (renault, citroen ), England (toyota, ford, rover), Italy(fiat, alfa). ireland will be buying of other countries stimulating their economies and empting irelands bucket.
the people will have new cars and believe the governmemt is doing a good job and possibly vote them back in.
driving old cars is not a bad thing it helps the environment, slightly less efficient on fuel but means a new car does not need to be produced, also old cars need more servicing keeping many self employed mechanics and spare parts suppliers in business.
cars have been one of the reasons irelands economy is flawed. for every 1000 highend cars at over 80,000 euro each = 80,000,000 euro that 1 year later were worth half of their origional value and a year later were worth half of that again that means 60 million euro evaporated never to be seen again. as we all know there are more than 1000 high end motors driving around.

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