The great toll bridge rip-off

This article, like every other one in this newspaper and indeed almost every sentence in every book you read in English, will have been typed with a QWERTY keyboard, named after the first six letters on the top left-hand side of the keyboard. Amazing as it may sound, this keyboard was designed in 1873 as an exercise in anti-engineering.

Hold onto the sackcloth and ashes

The biblical expression “sackcloth and ashes” has been bandied about quite a bit these days.

Coming from Ian Paisley it may sound appropriate.

Passing over the old guard

Is corporate Ireland about to skip a generation? Will thirty-something hotshots take over at board and chief executive level and rob Ireland’s corporate fifty-somethings of their inheritance?

Truth about the Celtic Tiger

Over the years, many Irish politicians, industrialists and public servants have tried, under various guises, to take credit for the Celtic Tiger.

Gold in them there streets

The demise of Bewley’s illustrates the influence that land is having on business culture in Ireland.