Harsh lessons of economic history

Admittedly, looking out towards the horizon of the Indian Ocean from the volcanic heights of the French island of La Reunion is not the worst place to be writing about any economic crisis

Why O’Leary would be a fine catch for Aer Lingus

She must have got it from her mother, who in turn got it from her mother, otherwise, she’d never have delivered the immortal lines with such certainty. When my mother pronounced, as she did on numerous occasions, the favourite put-down of the Irish Mammy, “she’s far too good for him, you know”, it seemed she was saying something so self-evidently obvious that it couldn’t be challenged.

Banking on future growth

The sight of Ireland’s top bankers traipsing in to meet finance minister Brian Lenihan last Friday with their lawyers in tow indicates just how far we have come since the chest-thumping of a few weeks back, when the bankers said that they could go it alone.

Time to face up to reality

As the banks move to sort out their bad debts, it’s imperative that the state also tries to alleviate negative equity problem facing young workers.

Leviathan: Moral Money: The Future of Capitalism

8 PM ’til LATE WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 10TH THE BUTTON FACTORY, TEMPLE BAR, DUBLIN At Next Wednesday’s edition of the hugely popular political cabaret show, the Red Adair of Irish economics, David McWilliams, will probe a panel including Ryanair CEO, Michael...