We’re all just too human

Can you imagine being so severely burned that you are not able to speak to your nurses? You are a mute mummy, in horrible pain, wrapped in bandages with horrific burns all over your teenage body. When it comes to changing your bandages, the compassionate nurses...

A different perspective on global economics

Bill Bonner shrugs as he recounts how he tried to buy a Palladian mansion in Waterford. The seller was Nama and an Irish bank that had lent to a boom-time developer who had since gone bust. Bonner publishes the world’s most successful financial newsletter. His...

Alistair Darling

Alistair Darling has called his memoir Back From the Brink, but the former British chancellor is pretty clear – the brink is where the euro zone still resides. I interviewed him at the Mountains to Sea literary festival in Dún Laoghaire.

David chats to Bob Geldof at Electric Picnic 2011

Bob Geldof talks to David McWilliams about the death of the age of rock music, what drives him, and why he won’t run for president in Ireland,in at the Leviathan tent at Electric Picnic 2011.

Woody Harrelson

Woodrow Tracy “Woody” Harrelson is an American actor.