Can Ireland Host the Rugby World Cup?

As a break from the budget and the Euro David debates whether Ireland can host the Rugby World Cup. Newstalk’s Off the Ball debate with David McWilliams and Eddie O’Sullivan. Listen to the...

David chats to Bob Geldof at Electric Picnic 2011

Bob Geldof talks to David McWilliams about the death of the age of rock music, what drives him, and why he won’t run for president in Ireland,in at the Leviathan tent at Electric Picnic 2011.

David on the Pat Kenny Show

David’s interview on the Pat Kenny show. Pat played an interview with David from jan 2009 in which David outlined then what is happening now.

Is housing bubble about to burst?

Prime Time from Thursday, 16th of October 2003. Economist and broadcaster David McWilliams and Chief Economist with IIB Bank, Austin Hughes, debate the issue “Is housing bubble about to burst?” The 20 minute video can be viewed here. You must have Real...

Miriam O’Callaghan

This is an interview with myself and my wife Sian about the past year, which as been been a bit difficult. We also look forward to Outsiders and the Dalkey Book...