Elect a new Government
Create a new political party that actually represents the people – move away from centrist politics
An Independent Media (not subject to government licence fee and approval)
Investigate all those in the business and political elite who had any involvement in bringing the State to the abyss, end to tribunals as a means of investigating alleged corruption (should be carried out by Dail committees, with set deadlines, like successful DIRT enquiry).
Abolish the Senate
Cut the salaries of all public servants i.e. President\’s salary to be cut by 70%, Taoiseach 60%, TDs 30%, Senior academics 50% etc
medical consultant pay by 50%, senior RTE presenters by 90%
Develop a greener economy
Develop Irish owned industries
Nationalise the banks
Greater distribution of wealth targeting the disadvantaged
Universal education and health care
Affordable housing for all
End to profiteering off housing
Better infrastructure – every city should have an integrated bus and tram system, and massive use of cycle lanes based on continental model, affordable trains to all major cities (train from Cork to Dublin is ridiculously priced – I can fly to Berlin cheaper!!)
Creation of a TGV train to run between the four major cities Belfast, Dublin, Cork and Galway
Stronger relationships with Scandinavian countries, utilising their engineering and social expertise
Stronger relationships with former colonised countries
Creation of Irish peace corps (volunteers assisted by the government with expenses who would go out and work in developing countries – builders, teachers etc)
More worker democracy in the workplace – end of vertical management systems
End of use of Shannon airport by foreign military forces
End to Ireland\’s involvement in the arms industry.
More educational and cultural programmes on the national broadcaster and a winding down with a view to removing all foreign soap operas and other low grade programming
Better treatment and resources for asylum seekers and immigrants
Greater accountability and transparency in Irish universities to do with tax payers money, time spent by lecturer\’ researching and teaching, monitoring students progress both in and out of university
Creation of an Irish Open university, move away from bricks and mortar to online university!
Overhaul of the university sector as a whole, weeding out overly theoretical classes, education must have direct applicability to working world, increased funding for Arts/Humanities – outstanding basis for education, creation of centralised colleges of arts, science, business and law in all universities – monitoring of academic performance.
Removing Irish as compulsory subject in primary and secondary school and offering Chinese, Portuguese or Spanish (major languages of the future)
Greater financial regulation of all privately owned businesses
Creation of a massive innovation/entrepreneurial fund for those seeking to create new businesses and jobs especially in IT and construction sector – tangible products as opposed to the concentration on the \’financial services sector\’ Creation of an innovation committee that analyses best practice in all industries abroad with a view to implementing in Ireland
Financial education, communication and presentations skills classes and music and art classes to begin in primary school
Strict division of church and state – end of church involvement in education
Close the gap between rich and poor
Develop more equal and fairer society for all and not just for the privileged few

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