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In order for our Economy to survive we need to be proactive with implementing ideas that will generate revenue for us all. Collaboration between the Government and the Irish Tax payer is required to achieve this.

We are all hearing and saying that something has to happen but the harsh reality is nothing has to happen; we have to make it happen. I believe this something is not just one particular development but also an accumulation of realistic and logical ideas that can be put in practice.

Below is just one idea that could possibly be explored. It’s called the “Circle” Card and is used as the name suggests creating and developing a circular flow of revenue.

The “Circle” Card what it is and how it works.

– Debit Card for Irish Tax payers.
– The Inland Revenue puts credits onto this card from a % of ones annual Tax returns.
– The balance on the card has to be spent within the Tax year; credits do not carry over year to year.
– The “Circle” card should be accepted like the “Laser” card by all Stores / Companies & Institutions that are registered and pay Irish Taxes.

It’s that simple.

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