This is a quick business idea linking back to david\’s ” Turn crisis into opportunity ” idea, but apart from focusing on easily copied small business templates it doesn\’t relate to the budget.

Turn crisis into opportunity

Not sure how far along ron and david are with this excellent idea, but I\’ve just seen an idea on euronews that could be easily copied here.

Basically they take used truck tarps and convert them into bags, these bags are already being sold in cork , why import these when you could have a cottage industry producing bags unique to irish needs, waterproof and windproof to irish standards. Entering a recession won\’t change the demand for unique, stylish ,eco-friendly products.

We have laws restricting the sale of plastic bags, but retailers sell bags for life that are not very user friendly, if you\’re just walking to your car they\’re fine, but if you walk any distance and get caught in a shower you end up with soggy baguette. Perhaps a better use of the 22cent plastic bag levy would be funding start up companies like freitag. Obviously the range would offer far more than just shopping bags. As frietag point out they start with the best materials, so a secondary benefit would be bag repairs could be done in local shoe repair shops. The disposable age is coming to an end so we should be starting to think like cuba to get ahead of the curve.

If you take one person with connections in the transport industry and pair him with a designer or eco-warrior, you have a small business that can be grown from a very small investment. Consider how many trucks will soon be off the roads rusting in dealerships, their new owners are unlikely to want to advertise the previous owners bankrupt company. You would certainly be importing tarps from britain to recycle but liquidators assigned by banks to transport companies are likely to part with these tarps at very reasonable prices, this idea might be best for the I.D.A in wexford. This is one of many simple ideas that we can copy, individually generating small returns for those involved, but focusing on the reality that new businesses will grow out of the carcasses of larger failed companies. The days of big pay packets and mass secure employment is over we should focus on a scatter gun approach cloning successes from elsewhere, the best businesses to be in will be the ones that have goods you can barter.

Just brain storming , I was originally thinking along the same lines as George Mac Donald\’s allotments idea, but I\’m glad he beat me to it as I wouldn\’t have thought of the instant allotment addition. Not everyone is going to fit neatly into the knowledge or smart economy, I wouldn\’t last very long on a building site and don\’t expect those working in construction to become I.T. nerds.

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