Hi David: I completely agree with bringing back the Diaspora, they helped us for generations and we should pay them back. I think Multiculturalism and the level of Anyone and Everyone Immigration is destroying the identity that we have fought so long and hard for all these years.

Have strong ancestral ties to the country; Have Irish Ancestry minimum of over 50%. Lower than that counts as only partial descent…………… because that will allow the system to be abused.

Have a clean slate or very minor criminal record of small misdemenours they have since reformed from committing.

Be fluent in English and show the commitment to learn or already hold fluency in Irish…………. we want to protect the Irish Language and ensure its growth

Have a good standard of education or have an impressive skillset……………….. these will help develop infrastructure and hard/soft-power

Be knowledgeable of Irish History, culture and customs……………….. From personal experience, I have met many British-Born People of Irish-Descent who have no concept of irish identity at all… which is shocking.

Argentina and Brazil have Millions of People with Italian Citizenship through descent regardless of their generation; Greece allows anyone of predominent greek ancestry to return home aswell.

There is no reason at all why we can\’t do the same; besides there of plenty of beauties that fit the above criteria from:







New Zealand

South Africa



USA/Canada (Same place really)

Who I\’d love to see in the country

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