i heard a figure recently, there are over 80 million irish accross the globe.we need to tap into this rich source directly how? through promotion of our ancient culture,ie through music,poetry,film, food and drink. god knows we have it in spades.
i am a writer of lyrics,music and poetry,i come from a farming backound,and have been successful in business.
my idea is to showcase all of the above at venues all around the world,aimed primarily at the irish living abroad, how?
simply by drawing the audience to venues ie concerts
with an irish headlining act or acts. this would not be a one off occurance, but a whole festival following a band as the major attraction,to finish off a day of sampling irish food and drink,think of it as irish culture on tour, with music as the main attraction. we don\’t do diddley i, but something much deeper,too many times have we had 1ST,2ND and 3rd generation irish come up to us after a live gig and tell us how our sound was what they wanted to hear from ireland,and they can\’t access it! why simply due to lack of funds and good pr.these irish abroad need and want to “hear,eat drink and smell” Ireland. It’s a strong undeniable urge to connect with the homeland. I strongly believe the socio and ecomomic benefits will feed directly back home v v quickly. This approach will also act as a massive incentive to come visit eire.

Think about it, a ready made market of 80 million plus!!!

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