David’s Diary

These days I am on the road a lot, traveling through most of the continents, usually giving speeches and talks explaining how I see the world economy working. This is and has been a great experience, because the more I get out and about, the more I learn. Listening to new people with new ideas helps me challenge myself. Sometimes in Ireland things can get very parochial and we can delude ourselves into thinking the world is waiting for us to get our act together. It is not.

I try to do public events when I am travelling, so if I am going to be near where you live, and you think you’d like to come and listen or even organize a session for interested people you know locally, why not see whether we can make something happen. A good example of this is a speech I gave in Sydney on November 12th 2012 with the Landsdowne Club for the Irish community down there, which was organized off the back of a talk I was doing the following night for the City of Sydney City Talks season. This is my diary for the months ahead both in Ireland and abroad. Have a gander and drop me a line to info@davidmcwilliams.ie. Hope to see you somewhere soon.