people out of work or with more free time due to reduced working hours such as solicotor,buissneess men, bankes ,restarant manages artists ,scientices etc .go into schools and colages and share there life experiances rather than purley being thought from text books.It is especialy important to learn how buissness and economics work as it reflects soo much in your lives wether there is a recesion or a stable economy and to be frank even if buissness is studed in schools it will be a very second rate class as if the buissness teacher was any good the trush is they would be out in the wolrd earning more money then there teachers salery.Education is fundemental to Irelands future low skilled manufacturing is in the past we can not compet as was said by an econimised on rte”s program (how we blew the boom) we nee and to be building what goes into the box not building the boxes

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