We don’t elect our leaders here: we vote the party, or unfortunately more often the party of the local TD who gets your bins collected. If we could directly elect the Taoiseach, who knows who may step forward?

Politics used to be about self made people giving back to society through public life. They had skills. Politics is now a career path, and attracts a certain kind of person who is very skilled in talking earnestly about nothing. Their focus is the 4 year electoral cycle, rather than the next generation.

We need statesmen.

Who’s to say for example Dermot Desmond (a patriotic man by all accounts) wouldn’t run if he could be directly elected, thus bypassing all the party political crapology? Or dare I say it, David McWilliams? Or any other talented and intelligent person who stays out of politics for the sheer bloody hassle, corruption and venality it entails here?

Let the communities be represented by our TDs in Leinster House, but let us vote for a leader, with executive power, similar to the US president.


As far as I know it only takes 100,000 signatures to call a constitutional referendum.

All the brilliant ideas that will appear here will come to nought without a leader. We deserve better choices than having Biffo landed on top of us.

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