Make it a requirement that people sign on four times per day if they want to collect their dole at the end of the week. Also test their breath for alcohol when they sign on. If they miss one or two of the sign on intervals they lose half a days “pay”. If they have spent the day in the pub they just get food vouchers.

Provide an area for them to use computers to search for jobs or business advice, and staff to help them with interview techniques and curriculum vitaes. They can spend their time here between sign ons if they like.

Provide a “severence pay” to people who find jobs quickly, say 1000 euro if they find a job within a month (and they have not been unemployed already this year), 500 if they find a job in 2 months etc.

If we dont do something like this, people will stay on the dole longer than they have to, just like the 5% of the country that were on the dole during the boom.

(Single mothers would be exempt from this)

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