Ireland lost it’s way when we stopped exporting and started feeding our property bubble instead.

We need to start bringing in cash from abroad and pronto. This means investment and exporting. I will leave someone smarter to worry about investment.

In relation to exports, the key thing I think we need to concentrate on is getting Irish companies to sell more into foreign markets. David has mentioned his idea of an Irish diaspora before, and I think that is what we need.

There is an enormous network across the world of Irish ex-pats. They could be used as business ambassadors, finding potential clients and markets for Irish companies back home, and the Internet makes this relatively easy to do.

For example, I myself currently live in Wellington, New Zealand and I work in the Internet industry. If I was made aware of a handful of Irish companies that need assistance in exporting, I would be more than happy to keep my ear to the ground, do some asking around etc on their behalf here in New Zealand.

I am sure I am not the only one. If there was a website that allowed Irish companies looking to export connect with paddies abroad like me, then I am sure some good would come of it.

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