Provide a place where the unemployed can make use of desks, IT equipment, phones consultants, tutorials and mentors.

If someone wants to avail of the free facilities they submit a business plan, if they are accepted, they must sit down with their mentor each week to discuss direction. Their startup company will remain property of the department of social welfare for now.

Other people that don\’t have a plan, but would like to keep active, can be hired by the startups and receive a social welfare payment which is higher than an unemployed person who chooses to do nothing. The founder of the startup receives an even higher social welfare payment.

The startup can eventually choose to start paying staff (including themselves) directly instead of relying on social welfare payments.

When a startup is paying for all its staff without help and is profitable it is allowed to go private. The entrepreneur then receives a bulk payment to help them move out into the big bad world.

Signing on for unemployment benefit should be done in this building too, it should be twice a day, 5 days a week except for public holidays and 20 other days that are chosen by the person who is signing on.

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