Make all accountable for their actions.
Stealing is a crime – many go to prison for stealing relatively small amounts. If public servants misuse taxpayers funds such as expense accounts this is stealing. Such crimes should be punished as stealing from shops etc.
If someone defaults on a bank debt the bank obtains a judgement, followed by an installment order followed by a committal order. Why is this process not being applied to the ten “heroes”.
How can it be justified that the Financial Regulator is paid for not doing his job? – particularly when he is being paId from our taxes.
How can senior bank executives be paid large salaries and performance bonuses when they dont do their basic job much less perform?
How can Public Servants be paid performance related bonuses when they do not even do their basic job?
How can HSE justify using our money on lost causes such as the recent case which apparently cost €870,00? I am aware of other cases involving six figure sums which was simply a waste of money.
How can we accept paying “top dollar” to a Barrister to run the countrys finances?
How can we accept people as ministers who have no qualifications for the job? – surely they should have at least a masters degree.

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