In the University of Galway there is the largest marine science institute in Ireland, the Martin Ryan Marine Science Institute. It is the best funded part of the University – the beneficiary of donations by the Ryan family of Guinness Peat Aviation, and Ryanair fame. It is an important asset.

We need to get serious about aquaculture. Norway, The United States, and Canada are all serious about aquaculture. Yet we seem to be nowhere. Our coastal communities are living on handouts from Brussels (because D4 does not care). We need a hand up – not a hand out mentality.

I do not know what assistance state policy is in this sector. Like most other productive sectors, state policy is probably biased in favour of holding it back. Architectural high costs, costly planning processes, expensive charges, bad roads, etc…

We need to think seriously about this. World Fish stocks from the sea are declining. Yet human demand for fish is increasing. It is a great opportunity. Yet as usual, we are probably sitting around waiting for Norway and Canada to forge ahead and acheive economies of scale.

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