Lead by example is an old saying. Government must lead by example if they expect us to accept paying the price of their mismanagement. Reduce the number of TDs by say 20% now with further reductions to come. Reduce the number of Senators by 50% with a similar reduction in their incomes. After all they claim they only wish to serve us!!!. Scrap payment to committee members – they are already being paid to do this work. Reduce size of state cars. Remove all non essential “trappings” – trips abroad etc. Reduce all payments to Local politicians who also state they only wish to “serve us”. Eliminate all junkets.
The savings involved in all of this will do very little in monetary terms to close the gap between spending and income. However it will make it much easier for all of us to accept the necessary cuts. It will also result in considerable savings due to reduction in costs resulting from strikes etc.

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