Let people who are qualified non politicians send their CV into Dail Eireann and if it is applicants for finance minister; then their CVs would be forward to the finance committee of Dail Eireann and each TD would have to read every CV submitted and after reading the CV then the TD would have say if he likes this applicate and why and if he does not and explain why not! After that then the committee would come together and be presented with the top ten CVs and the committee members would vote on them and the top five would be asked to the Comittee for an oral interview by the full committee and out of these top five then the minister would be selected! But the voting would have to be on percentage each political parties representation the a given committee meaning each party that has representation on the committee must have 50% plus one supporting the nominee and when it went to the full Dail then the same would apply that each party in Dail Eireann would have to be 50% plus 1 of their membership in the Dail supporting a ministerial nominee! Now I would only do this for cabinet ministers not for junior ministers! Leave the appointment system as it is for junior ministers!

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