I already sent my proposals to The Ideas campaign,unfortunately a little too late.My proposal was mainly a health issue.Being a qualified Nurse and Midwife I will be returning to Ireland in September.My idea was to set up “Health Spot” Clinics all over Ireland in small towns to large cities.A community funded idea whereby the professional volunteers set up health check clinics in the many vacant buildings at the moment and promote,prevent and educate on health matters.matters;Community businesses could sponsor the professional teams ie give free petrol,free shopping ,free hairdressing etc etc as a goodwill gesture for the service.Advertising of there companies possible.Working alongside the local G¨P and other health profes.and promoting health.Prevention better than cure.Uprise in child obesity,heart disease,Diabetes,suicide.This service is a must.Long term it will save the HSE enormous amounts.So here\’s to the centers mushrooming all over Ireland.

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