Again the answer is quite simple. We are all aware that €870,000 was spent by HSE on a paedophile – perhaps more. Nothing positive was achieved. I am aware of another case where HSE have spent €500,000 on a man to no avail. The dogs in the street knew this man and that the money spent was wasted. HSE wasted €000s on my Foster Son with “Family Welfare Conference” and “Extern”. How many more €000s are being spent stupidly by HSE. I am aware of many teenage friends of my Foster Son who are sent for “anger management” – unecessarily branding teenagers and wasting money. HSE corporate affairs dept Dublin redirect complaints to corporate affairs dept Kildare who redirect your complaint to the person you complained about!!!!. Close corporate affairs depts. get rid of at least half social workers – we cannot afford them. get rid of pyychiatrists etc – we cannot affford them. They are achieving little or nothing anyway.

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