An easy way to create more than 30,000 jobs in the services sector for Irish nationals who are currently on the dole is to remove the right of non-EU students to pursue employment in the state. Most of the genuine students (going to Universities, ITs etc..) don’t use this right anyway. Its only used by students going to fake colleges eg: Medway College, London College Dublin, Chinese Medicine Training etc… (Why would Chinese students come to Ireland to study Chinese medicine?) Everyone knows that the students going to the fake colleges are really only here to work. In boom times that was OK and the extra labour in the services sector was welcome, but in a recession, its best to get 30,000 Irish people off the dole queues and back in employment. We have nothing to lose and 30,000 social welfare payments worth of money to save. That means less government borrowings to pay for social welfare for Irish people.

This Department of Education recognised course list includes plenty of fake courses from fake colleges:

Many of the people who supposedly attend these fake courses cannot even read and write, let alone pursue a ‘Business’ or ‘Computing’ course.

Whats worse, is that the Department of Education list has mixed the joke-colleges with the real colleges (Universities, ITs, colleges of further education and other genuine institutions)

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