Preview clip for the second episode of “In search of the Pope’s Children”.

Episode 2 of In Search of the Pope’s Children will be shown tonight at 9.30pm on RTE1.

Episode 2:
In this programme David examines our relationship, or national obsession, with property. New Ireland begins and ends with the property explosion. The boom has not just changed Ireland economically, it has changed us as a people and turned us into a nation of property speculators. Property is the new pornography.

David takes us through the cycle of our property experience – where prices soar dramatically, become vulnerable and too expensive before falling back to earth. He examines why regardless of age, social class, colour or creed the subject of property is one of our favourite topics of conversation.

Credit liberation has fuelled our property obsession. David argues that in the New Irish Dream your home is no longer merely the place you live – it is an expression of your lifestyle and defines the type of person you are, or indeed would like to be. The programme explores the spending habits of the Decklanders and the HiCo’s.

David travels to Navan to meet with the Decklanders and share their experiences; to Galway, the fastest growing city in Europe, to examine the boom in the sale of old abandoned cottages; and to Tarmonbarry, Co. Roscommon, formerly a village of about 16 houses now with a purpose built marina development – the Porto Banus of Ireland.

David also takes a trip to Bulgaria and introduces us to Robopaddy, who travels the world buying up houses.

Repeats/Online Availability
We hope to have some news about making the series available either online or on DVD quite soon. Stay tuned!

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