Part 3 of the award winning series, In Search Of The Popes Children.
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Vorsprung Durch Kredit

The final episode of “In Search Of The Pope’s Children” will be aired tonight at 9.30 on RTE1.
In this programme David takes us back to learn some lessons from history. What is stable today can change dramatically tomorrow, David poses the questions about a ‘plan B’ for Ireland going forward – how are we going to deal with china? With immigration? And with increasing monthly mortgage repayments?

The programme also explores how we have gone from being a country with too many people and not enough money to a country of not enough people and too much credit. David uncovers our seemly endless supply of credit and takes us to Germany to introduce us to the hero of the Irish economic boom.

He examines our economic relationship with Europe and the US and explains how our madness for property has sucked most of the resources out of the economy elbowing out investment in other ventures such as research and development. With 87% of our all our exports generated by multinationals the boardrooms of New York will have more of an impact on the fortunes of the Irish economy that Dail Eireann.

David travels to Venice to see how in the past Venice used a combination of aggressive trading, freethinking, smart alliances and individual creativity to drive itself forward to be the richest state in the world for over three hundred years. Like Ireland today, Venice found itself stuck between two great powers of the day and rather than making one choice the Venetians traded one against the other, in much the same way that Ireland has been playing with Europe and the US for the past thirty years.

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