Based on his number 1 best selling book The Pope’s Children David McWilliams authors this three-part series examining the economic and social landscape of Ireland in 2006.

David introduces us to The Pope’s Children a new Irish generation; they are young, sassy and successful. We meet DIY Declan, Low GI Jane, Breakfast Roll Man, Yummy Mummy and the HiCos, the elite whose distance from deckland and the new middle class is measured by their cool sophistication and their ability to feel equally at home on the Boulevard Saint-Michel and on Hill 16.

In Search of the Pope’s Children explores how Ireland arrived here and endeavours to project forward to see what might be around the corner for all of us. It challenges the views of the commentariat surrounding New Ireland and its perceived ills, uncovers the reality of our relationship with cheap credit and asks are we going to build on or blow our economic prosperity?

Watch all three parts online now.

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