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The WonderBra effect on Irish Life
Coming to RTE in November

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Based on his Number 1 best selling book ‘The Popes Children’ David McWilliams authors a three-part series examining the economic and social landscape of Ireland in 2006.

David introduces us to ‘The Popes Children’ a new Irish generation; they are young, sassy and successful. We meet DIY Declan, Low GI Jane, Breakfast Roll Man, Yummy Mummy and the HiCos – the elete whose distance from deckland and the new middle class is measured by their cool sophistication and their ability to feel equally at home on the Boulevard Saint-Michel and on Hill 16.

The first programme in the series explores our current state as the hedonists of Europe. We are boozing, eating, shagging, shopping, spending, playing hard and working even harder. Ireland is richer now than any of us would have thought possible ten years ago. We have more money in our pockets than almost anybody else in Europe this year alone we will spend 75 billion on consumption which equates to about €20,000 for every man, woman and child.

David explains how we have been pushed together and lifted up in a sort of ‘Wonderbra economics’ effect, which has allowed us to display our rather impressive material cleavage. The economic success of Ireland as split the classes into two tribes. These are the HiCos and the Decklanders.

The first episode of “In Search of the Pope’s Children” will be broadcast on RTE1 at 9.30pm on Monday, November 6th 2006.

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