My name is Joe Crill! I am from Ruskin, Florida, USA. If I were a citizen of the Republic of Ireland, I would probably be a loyal supporter of Fianna Fail! But I do not think Fianna Fail has the answers to the current fiscal crisis nor does any one in Ireland for that matter except David McWilliams and maybe Richard Bruton the deputy leader and shadow finance minister! I would love to see McWilliams be finance minister [even though I have a friendly connection with the Lenihan family and I think very highly of Brian and Conor Lenihan as well as their late father, Brian Sr.].

I read David McWilliams’ last article in the SBP this past Sunday [22 March 2009]! He is impressed with Obama and how Obama is willing to try new ideas and old ideas that were never used or bringing back some old ideas that had be scraped in the past. McWilliams believes that Ireland needs a FDR and that Ireland has a bunch of Hoovers running the economy just as the rest of Europe was doing. He then threw me for a curve when he said that Ireland should be heavily reducing it income tax and heavily taxing property which when I read his reasoning I concurred with him on that point but this is not what FDR did in the 1930s! FDR just created a big brother bureaucracy which has almost destroyed democracy in the United States and Obama is going to nail democracy in the United States into its coffin either within this term or if he gets a second term he will surely make a communist state. Not a socialist state but a communist state! This is what Tammany Hall – Boss Tweed politics get you! Brush up on Ellis Island in New York City and immigrants who came through their from about 1880 to 1920 and see how they were treated within the first few years of being Americans especially if they stayed in New York City! GOD help us all!

The Republic of Ireland nor any other nation needs another FDR and his socialist policies I do not think! I think David is partly right in you lower the income tax or completely abolish forever and raise the property taxes but also lower corporate taxes as well!

As well as trim government bureaucracy in half, like the Labour leader Eamon Gilmore is suggesting!

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