Ant toll roads currently in operation in Ireland are operated by privare companies(exception is e-flow for which the goverment paid E300m). Think about this for a second. We gave companies the right to build a road/bridge/motorway and charge us all to use it.Why?I feel there is a better wat that will actually provide roads at no net cost to us. Lets say a proper motorway between Cork and Dublin,or Galway and Dublin(any 2 cities) is costed at E500m in total.The gov. borrows E500m and builds the motorway.A reasonable toll is charged on users only.(lets say E10) Above each toll booth is a digital clock with E500m on it. As each user pays E10 the amount of money reduces so E500m reduces to zero in the end.Result;free motorway to the gov paid for by the user,not the tax payer.It may take 20 years to achieve this but so what,we need to think long term and of the benefits of a proper infastructure to the economy.

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