The knowledge of Vastu (Sthapatya Veda) was unfolded to the world or re-enlivened for the world by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi in a public way in 2006 in an internet broadcast on Global Family Chat on . This brought to light ancient principles of architecture, where buildings should be built with correct orientation, in tune with the motion of the earth and the sun primarily, but by extension with the solar system and the entire cosmos. The correct alignment of the houses (east facing), considered with a number of other factors, would bring better life effects to the occupants; houses not built according to these general principles would be the cause of ill health to the occupants at best. The unfolding of this knowledge in the ether coincided with the beginning of the property crash. Much of this knowledge (conveniently ignored in our property supplements where the orientation of a property is never given) is available in two good internet sites – and . This is precisely the kind of fresh renewed idea we now need again. This is precisely the kind of idea An Taisce should be capable of taking on board if they are able to think outside the box. This is what Batt O’Keeffe should insist upon from his planners and architects, when he is building his ten new primary schools. The newspapers are now reporting (2009) that many architects are unemployed. Dare I suggest it, but perhaps a little research into Vastu might reopen employment opportunities for some of them as Sthapatyavedic architects, with the consequent emergence of life supporting designs for buildings that, would actually, be value for money.

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