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If you want to get an independent, funny, yet comprehensive understanding of what is going on in our society and our economy — this is the book for you.

With irreverence and wit, The Generation Game explains why the economy is faltering, why our young workers will pick up the tab, why the middle-aged are so fond of spa hotels, and why so many of our babies are called Setanta, Ezekiel or Lír or any name that pre-dates Jesus by at least 1,000 years.

The Generation Game also contends that Jack Charlton was a social visionary, why screensavers are crucial for getting sex at work, and why Irish house prices will continue to fall for the next three or four years.

If a good doctor is the one who diagnoses problems early, bears the bad news and takes remedial action, the good economist is the one who goes against the grain and tells us, when everyone else is cheerleading, that the boom is built on sand and that houses prices will fall.

David McWilliams was the most prominent economist in the country to do this. He was the one who shouted: Stop! Don’t believe the hype!

Now, when the chips are down, it is time for creative thinking. No other country has such a powerful Diaspora and no other country has such an opportunity. The Great Irish Tribe is our trump card and the most powerful sales-force the world has ever seen.

In a world of ideas, contacts and brain-power, where people and concepts are mobile, the person, company or country who can draw on the best network wins. Ireland’s long-term solution is staring us in the face: it is the echo of our emigrant past. From New York and London, Sydney and Buenos Aires, the world-wide Diaspora is just waiting to be tapped.

David McWilliams was the first Irish economist to predict the boom as well as the one who warned of the bust; should we not look to him for the way out too?

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