This article I wrote in November 2008 identifies it’s funding model as a “shambles”.

Every evening, there is a little ritual in our house. Our young children, having been settled by their mother, demand dad tells them a story ‘‘from your head’’ before bed. This lark involves all classes of adventures, heroes and implausible tales starring themselves as central characters.

There are usually myriad frequently unpleasant baddies who are vanquished by our brave and incorruptible champions.

This nightly Jackanory session ends with the younger child mumbling while fighting back the tiredness: ‘‘But that’s all not true in real life, is it dad?” The older one, just eight, interrupts: ‘‘Of course it’s not true, dad makes it all up.” Sadly, by next year, they’ll both be too old for these stories. Children grow up and they stop swallowing their dad’s made-up yarns. Someone should tell the Irish banks the same applies to the rest of us. There are only so many made-up yarns we can take.

This week, two of our main banks — Bank of Ireland (BoI) and Irish Life & Permanent (ILP) — tried to spin stories to the world, yarns a dad wouldn’t tell to a six-year-old.

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