I went to a talk the other week about mythological heroes in the traditional sense of the word. The one facet is that traditionally they do not act for personal gain, but for the greater good of society.

With respects to all the commentators who provide genuine advice for no remuneration and plenty of abuse, we are crying out for real heroes in the true sense of the word.

I think of people like Adie Roche for Chernobyl and John O’Shea of Goal. Bob Geldof when he set up live aid. Right at this moment, we really need people who gained enormously from the boom to give something back, and be proud of supporting communities.

Perhaps people don’t like to be seen to be helping others and therefore receiving more unsolicited requests. However, a good example is Bill Gates, who is now devoting his efforts to helping others.

I would love if Michael O’Leary would be the first to come and devote himself to good works for the community. He would really show how it could be done.

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