We need to get back to basics and generate discussion on the clear differences between the Irish political parties. The government bodies are out of touch with modern Ireland and are living off past reputations generated at the foundation of the state. Has any political journalist every examined the differences in ideology between the parties? The young electorate majority are clueless as to the diffferences or what it means to be Fianna Fail, Fine Gael, Labour.

Before any more ingenious ideas are put forth, we need to understand exactly the fundamental differences are between our political breatheren.

I propose the following getting back to basics:

1. map out the political spectrum in Ireland running from left wing to right wing
2. clearly distinguish what being left/right wing means and the ultimate implications for society at large and you as voter at the voting booth
3. Develop a distribution diagram that shows how party politics in the European Union(all EMU members) aligns or varies e.g Christian Social Democrats in Germany, Labour/Tory in the UK and comapre all these with our parties in Ireland [we cannot have a democratic EU if politics is predominantly slanted one way or the other or where contradiction exists particularly around times of referenda]
4. Draw a comparison between EU and the G8 countries political systems – one might well see an unusual picture emerging

When this piece of work is completed, a clear picture will emerge and Ireland can then go about unravelling the conundrum of the Health service (e.g PD\’s right wing stance on privatising the health systems- a mirror image of the US. Result: only the rich can afford Health, a basic right to survival) and numerous other shambolic episodes that have weighed heavily on this state for decades.

My conclusion is that only a small percentage of the electorate of this country understands what is actually going on and they have the power to impose their will on key policy decisions. It is time for the Irish people to rise from the ashes and dictate how our country should be governed on the basis that the understand the basics of politics rather than voting for their preferred candidate because that political representative did them a good turn. Wake up folks … the party is literally over!!!!!!!!!!!

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