It is the oldest industry known to man. It has been the starting point for nearly all industries that have evolved since then. In a world where food stocks are at an all time low and arable land is becoming a premium, Ireland is well placed in terms of climate, population density and its geographic positioning to become the world leaders in hi-tech agriculture and food production.

This is not just about putting a few more new John Deeres on the paddock. This is about a whole range of measures ranging from energy production, GM food production (we may as well be leaders), supply chain management, down to health sector applications both for animals and humans.

Agri-Technology is both a labour and knowledge intensive industry with the widest range of applications and a demand for the widest range of skills. Whether it\’s construction or IT, mechanical engineering or software engineering, skilled trades (all of them) to retail, law or economics.

We need to repaint agriculture for what it is becoming and not be bogged down in the old attitudes of cows and fields in never ending drizzle.

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