Punk Economics


Economics is only the business of people’s everyday lives and I strive to demystify economics and make it jargon-free and accessible.
When David was still in primary school, punk rock emerged – it seemed – out of nowhere and re-invented music. Before, music to David was an overblown, self-indulgent, long-winded prog-rock concept album about prisms and rainbows. Punk blew that world apart and changed the way we listened to music, the way it looked, sounded – and what it meant.

Economics and economic analysis has become similarly overblown and self-indulgent. Worse still, many (not all) economists have failed to make it simple, easy and comprehensible for the vast majority of people, something economics must be, if it’s to be of any use to us. Punk Economics tries to do with economics what punk rock did with music – change the way it looks, feels and sounds using animation. Cartoons help us break things down. David works with a brilliant team in producing these videos. The brilliant artist Mark Flood, sound producer John Davis, film producer Adrian Brett and  producer Aoife O’Brien.

Article 50: defusing the Brexit time-bomb| PunkFT  
China tormented by torrents of cash | PunkFT  
Trumponomics | PunkFT  
‘Outsider Economics’ | PunkFT  
Donald Trump: The three-faced president | PunkFT  
Will the real Donald Trump please stand up
Inequality, Race, Trump & Gandhi!
EU models for a post-Brexit UK- PunkFT
Negative rates defy gravity- PunkFT
Britain: The Balkans of Europe
Second Hand Ireland
Lessons from the banking crisis
The Kidnapper wears Prada
Tomorrow’s Ireland
Women’s wedges and the future of European Nation States
Economics in the dock
The global food economy
China panics, US ‘recovers’ and Germany flinches
Irish referendum preview
Playing with liquidity
Cash for trash
Cash for trash


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