How about the creation of the office of a Recovery and Consolidation Czar? (Recovery to a healthy economy, and establishing/consolidating it as such for the long term.)

In the US. where I’ve lived for some time – since the 80s, they do from time to time create these types of administration/cabinet positions (Drug Czar, more recently talk of a Performance Czar) when all the other established instruments of government are simply not solving the problem.

The office of the R&C Czar could be the clearing house for all ideas from the nation and its diaspora – the wisdom of crowds – and then propose the solutions the country needs. I think David would make a great R&C Czar, if he would even accept the position. Ireland might not have an Obama but it does have David, something just as good, a man for his time.

One more point, in all this crisis, Ireland can be proud of this business of “idea campaigns” – I don\’t know of any other nation coming up with it first, but many will surely follow. Another example that the Irish always have creativity in the toolkit.

Paul Finnegan, NY

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