Hi David,
I do have a few ideas on how to reduce some public spending costs significantly.
At the moment we have 26 County Councils,My idea is to bring the numbers of councils down to a provincial level, i.e 4+1 additional council for the greater Dublin area it works like that in other countries.
The number of TD should be reduced to reflect the size of the population. For a population of 4.2 Million, 125 TD\’s should be enough. The salary of TD\’s should be brought down to European levels and should also reflect the size of the country. A salary of €75,000 per TD should be more than enough, A minister\’s Salary should not be more then €135,000 and the Taoiseach\’s pay should not exceed €165,000. Expenses should never exceed the salaries. For a country like Ireland 10 junior ministers is enough. The should have a 10% increase on their TD\’s salary that\’s all.
No public servant should be paid more than the Taoiseach.
Another way to get more money is simply by enforcing existing laws and legislations, the money that is currently being wasted by taking the easy way out is just phenomenal. I have a lot more ideas but I will leave it for now,

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