I will keep this simple.

This idea will not save the world, or even solve global warming, but it will provide valuable employment for those involved.

I propose that we:

1. Scan our imports list for relatively simple products that could be manufactured in Ireland.

2. When a suitable set of products is defined we establish teams (possibly under Enterprise Ireland) to carry out feasibility studies on those products.

3. For those products that pass the feasibility tests we establish companies to manufacture them, allocating all those vacant “Advance Factories” across the country for free to the companies.

These jobs would reduce welfare payouts, increase tax revenue, and provide some pride for all those unemployed people out there.
They would not need to be high-profit organisations, and could initially even be thought of as an advanced form of Community Employment Scheme.

I would see these companies being run under agencies such as Enterprise Ireland. These enterprises could eventually become viable and profitable.

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