With Ireland unable to match manufacturing in low cost countries around the world now is the time to start exporting our expertise and skills abroad.
what i mean by this is if you take for example most of the Eastren Block countries which have low cost base for manufacturing and business but lack the fundimentals of current business acuments due to most of these companies being set up by former managers and workers in the communist era
what i am suggesting is that a company beformed that will combine all aspects of management sales financials ect and this company engages in these countries with sound business that need this service this can be replicated many times over in different countries that are in a similar situation and thus creating a brand new export stream IE our Knowlage which is of the highest calibar
with this the company takes a stake in each business and thus over time creating a very strong business that will drive funds back into the country and also creating the much needed jobs that is so lacking at present due to the non policies of the current government in establishing a program for job creation in this country

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