The Aer Corps is a waste of taxpayers money

  1. The Aer Sea rescue mission has already been outsourced
  2. The Gardai have their own Aer Wing
  3. The private sector can provide a dedicated Aer Ambulance service.
  4. The executive transport function has been grotesquely abused. If government ministers need to travel privately then they can rent aircraft for the occasion and charge the costs to the activity concerned. NetJets and other companies would be delighted to have the government as a customer
  5. Baldonnel would make an ideal second airport for Dublin and could be sold to the private sector
  6. The Aer Corps does not have a credible air defence function – the existing Pilatus aircraft do not have the capability to intercept anything other than light aircraft in good weather. Ireland also lacks the political will and chain of command to order a shootdown so why not stop wasting money and buy the Army some SAM capability instead?
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